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Hier finden Sie Informationen zu verschiedenen Events, die von mir veranstaltet werden oder auf denen ich auftrete.

Merger integration workshop

Let us enjoy a new type of workshop on merger integration topics. All the details can be found on the Merger integration workshop homepage.

A new kind of workshop

An immersive experience. You are the main act. Interact, discuss, learn with and from like-minded professionals of many different companies.

a mix of few presentations, intense workshops in small teams and panels to provide you with best practices for your daily integration work

the interaction does not end at the workshop, but it continues in a community of like-minded professionals

A share of the profit go to a charitable association fostering the knowledge on post merger integration (GFPMI.DE).

All the details can be found on the Merger integration workshop homepage.

Workshop: European workshop on software ecosystems

Dieser Workshop findet zum dritten Mal statt und steht für die Themen Software business, Partnerschaften im Software Business, Ökosysteme von Partnern oder von App-Entwicklern, Cloud Ökosysteme und Mobile Ecosystems.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite des Workshops:

European workshop on software ecosystems

Vorträge und Panels


Externe Innovation durch Akquisition, Vortrag Universität Bamberg, 2.7.2015.

Podiumsdiskussion zu "Cross-border transactions from a European perspective" auf der European Corporate M&A Conference April 16 2015, Frankfurt

What frequent acquirers expect from software vendors, Presentation at Software Industry Conference, Bussum, March 2015.

M&A IN DER SOFTWAREINDUSTRIE, Presentation at Technical University Darmstadt, Jan. 2015.




Unternehmensübernahmen in der Softwareindustrie. Vortrag an der TU Darmstadt.



6th Merger Integration Management Forum: presentation "MANAGING MULTIPLE MERGERS AT A TIME - INGREDIENTS FOR SUCCESS"



World Financial Symposium: Panel on M&A in software: requirements of large acquirers



Erfolgsregeln eines seriellen Akquirierers. Vortrag beim FINANCE M&A Roundtable


Workshop "Neue und disruptive Business Modelle in der Software Industrie" at Munich Network


24.9.: Dos and Don'ts of acquiring in North America Megabuyte Forum Reaching across the Atlantic: Opportunities and challenges in North America



11. Tag der Finanzen: Post Merger Integration - was macht eine Integration erfolgreich

Acquiring companies in a digitalized world.

Acquiring companies in a digitalized world from Karl Popp

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