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Basierend auf den zahlreichen Präsentationen der letzten Jahre habe ich eine Reihe von Videos verfasst zu den Themen Business Modelle der Software Industrie, Partnerschaften in der Software Industrie und anderen.

Diese Videos stehen auf der Plattform auf udemy in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung.

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Software business model basics

This presentation gives you insight into business models, how they are built and which business models are dominant in the software industry.This presentation gives you insight into business models, how they are built and which business models are dominant in the software industry.

Software revenue models

Business models and revenue models in the software industry are closely linked. but what are revenue models? What are the revenue models for software as a service? What are revenue models of large software vendors like Microsoft and Google?

The video answers these questions and much more and illuminates the points with examples from SAP, Google and Microsoft.

M&A in the software industry: chances and risks

What are the chances and risks in acquiring a software company? can i tell some risks based on the typical business model of a software company before a merger takes place?
This presentation gives all the answers by looking at chances and risks of software M&A by business models.

Supply chains in the software industry

This presentation provides insights into supply chains in the software industry. It shows the players in the supplier ecosystem and looks at the relationships that make up a supply chain. Characteristics, benefits and challenges are presented based on real examples from the software industry

Goals of software vendors for their partner ecosystems

In the software industry it is of paramount importance for every software vendor to establish a vibrant partner ecosystem. But what are the typical goals that software vendors try to achieve with their ecosystem?
This in depth presentation provides all insights into this topic and enables you to design a software ecosystem.

Supplier relationships OEM, Resell, Open Source...

Goal of this presentation is to give you all the details to decide on the right supplier relationships for your software business. we look at OEM, Resell, open source and freeware as supplier relationships. In detail, we also look at pros and cons of each type of supplier relationship.

Business models for open source

Open Source is everywhere today. But how are commercial companies building their business models around open source? how do they leverage the community to be successful? this presentation elaborates on these questions and provides a framework to create commercial business models around open source. 

Creating open source business models

This presentation shows how to create new commercial open source business models using three criteria like building blocks. You learn about the criteria and are ready to go create an open source business.

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